Carinafour is the leading-edge company in global industrial project management, production and supply chain processes.

We at Carinafour are committed to generating renewal, growth, and higher performance in industrial ecosystems through constant improvement of our customers’ processes. Our operating environment consist of different actors in industrial ecosystems.

With our highly experience team, we have the capabilities and tools required to meet the continuous changes the operating environment poses. Carinafour’s team consists of highly skilled professionals with years of experience in various industries and a wide range of competence to meet the requirements of our customers. We aim to create more employment in our region.

To join our team at Carinafour, please check vacant positions on our careers page.


Operation Services


Carinafour delivers production and manufacturing services globally.

Our operation services are based on long-term cooperation with our customers and our contract structures are designed to support our customer’s business objectives. By having Carinafour run your production and manufacturing processes, your company will be able to focus solely on your core business.

Along with our operation services, we also deliver installation project management including installation planning, procurement, installation work as well as customer and official approvals.

Development Services


Together with the customer, Carinafour improves production and manufacturing at the customer’s site through problem digitalisation.

Our extensive analysis portfolio can help your company by analysing the status and productivity potential of existing production and manufacturing processes. Our development services make sure you will be able to leverage the potential identified through our analysis.

In addition to our wide array of analysis tools, we design and deploy new production and installation concepts in compliance with our customers’ requirements. With the production and installation concepts configured specifically for your company, you will have new opportunities to grow and improve your performance through more efficient processes and enhanced cost structure.

CARINAFOUR is the leading-edge company in global industrial project management, production and supply chain processes.

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