Why we do what we do

We hate waste - waste of potential and underperforming investments. We want to be part of creating a better world in which resources are used smarter and digitalization supports industrial manufacturing.


About us

Carinafour is the leading-edge company in developing and operating modern production systems and supply chain processes.

We at Carinafour are committed to generating renewal, growth, and higher performance in industrial ecosystems through constant improvement of our customers’ processes. Our operating environments consist of different actors in industrial ecosystems. C4 Supply offers production services, Assembly & Logistics Unit (ALU) and Factory-in-Factory. C4 Renewal's Renewal Management and Take-a-Grip services provide long-and shorter term partnerships for managing and implementing change.


With our highly experienced team, we have the capabilities and tools required to meet the continuous changes the operating environment poses. Carinafour’s team consists of highly skilled professionals with years of experience in various industries and a wide range of competences to meet the requirements of our customers.

Improving industry competitiveness since 2012

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