C4 Renewal

C4 Renewal management supports growth and improves the company’s performance.

C4 Prelude is a current state assessment of processes that is implemented when a company has a competitive or growth challenge. Problems identified during C4 Prelude are briefly evaluated and recommendations for necessary development projects are made. Development projects are executed with C4 Renewal Management, C4 Take-a-Grip and/or C4 Supply Services.

C4 Renewal management is a consulting service during which we support our customers to improve performance and enable growth. Often, such significant projects for performance improvement require numerous changes in the customer’s operating environment, structures and processes to implement the required changes. For example, when processes are being developed, there is often a need for new organisational structure and business models. We execute all change projects as agile projects, whereby our customer’s organisational load is minimized with maximum controllability and transparency.

C4 Take-a-Grip service provides the desired transparency and manageability for the company’s supply chain and/or manufacturing processes. Take-a-Grip is designed to identify the development needs of supply chains, improve their manageability and reduce supply chain risks.