C4 Supply

Carinafour delivers production services and production logistics services globally.

Our operation and operation logistics services are based on long-term cooperation with our customers and our contract structures are designed to support our customers’ business objectives. By having Carinafour run your production and manufacturing processes, your company will be able to focus solely on your core business.

C4 Prelude is a current state assessment of processes that is implemented when a company has a competitive or growth challenge. Problems identified during C4 Prelude are briefly evaluated and recommendations for necessary development projects are made. Development projects are executed with C4 Renewal Management, C4 Take-a-Grip and/or C4 Supply Services.

C4 Assembly and Logistics Unit (ALU) service offers short- and long-term solutions for supply chain optimisation and quality management near customer production facilities. This improves the flexibility and efficiency of our customers’ main production processes and supply chain performance. ALU provides assemblers with sub-assembled and picked material packages cost-effectively and just in time with excellent quality. The ALU service also makes customer production processes transparent and controllable, allowing systematic development and scaling of production operations.

C4 Factory in Factory (FiF) operates and develops customer logistics and sub-assembly operations at the customer’s own facilities with their systems, following their operational procedures. C4 Factory in Factory creates value by discovering improvement opportunities in processes, which are developed together with the customer. The FiF service utilises Carinafour processes and tools in a way that allows our customers’ production processes to be made measurable and increasingly efficient.