ECOPRODIGI workshop: 3D scanning for digitalisation of shipyard processes

Maarit Lappalainen from Carinafour discussed the benefits of 3D scanning for the shipyard industry with Jonatan Berglund from Chalmers University of Technology. Developments in 3D scanning technology are constantly creating interesting changes and improvements to shipyard processes and this workshop provided a hands-on glimpse into the future.

Maarit was in Klaipeda, Lithuania with Western Baltic Engineering as part of the ECOPRODIGI workshop: 3D scanning for digitalisation of shipyard processes. The ECOPRODIGI project aims to improve eco-efficiency through digital solutions in the Baltic Sea region and it’s something Carinafour is excited to be part of.

A link to the workshop can be found here. Carinafour is always looking towards the future and digitalisation, improving efficiency and increasing project quality, and these are goals we share with our fellow members of the project

Western Baltic Engineering is part of Western Shipyard, which belongs to the biggest Estonian concern BLRT Grupp. More details about their conceptual designs and “turnkey” solutions can be found on their website:

Watch the video below to hear about some of the advantages 3D scanning brings to the shipbuilding industry.