Being better today than yesterday

Last week eight of Carinafour’s core team members participated in Kaizen training in which the secrets of continuous process improvement were revealed. At Carinafour, process development is everyone’s business and thus takes place in all levels of the organisation.

─ The biggest process improvements, which require altering concepts, are carried out by the process development team together with the customer. Once the concepts have been reconfigured, chosen processes will be developed step-by-step so that eventually every worker involved in the process develops small parts of the process further, clarifies Sami Haaja, the Head of Production Development at Carinafour.

Production workers utilise the principles of Kaizen every day by identifying problems in the processes they are involved in and by making improvements related to reducing waste and non-value added in the processes. Process improvements can be introduced faster when already in the production line problems are identified and decisions made about the improvements in the parts of the processes that are fairly easy to execute. Kaizen also requires efficient background processes so that the people making continuous improvement are motivated in what they do and feel that the suggestions related to improvements they have pointed out are heard. At Carinafour, all of the identified problems and improvement suggestions are collected and discussed in daily management meetings.

Carinafour’s core team shares their Kaizen expertise to the other workers at the customers’ sites which can be detected, for example, as improved levels of cleanliness in the sites and as improvements in the quality of work, not to mention in the long run, in the company’s earnings resulting from increased productivity. By having scalable labour resources, we at Carinafour can ensure that the required expertise and know-how are always present in different stages of the production and manufacturing processes.

─ One of our principles at Carinafour is always to be better today than yesterday and this would not be possible without Kaizen, explains Haaja.