Effective processes and digitalisation: A great opportunity for industrial projects

Business Finland seminar AriBusiness Finland’s “Effective processes and digitalisation: A great opportunity for industrial projects” seminar aims to address the underlying causes of inefficiencies in current operating practices and take steps towards improving industrial projects.

Industry experts, including Carinafour’s Chairman of the Board, Ari Viitanen, have been selected to speak about key topics such as digitalisation, integration, increasing transparency, automation and new technology.

Industrial projects in Finland are not currently operating efficiently enough. Extra work is being created, leading to increased costs and tighter work schedules. Materials are being lost, previous steps in processes are not being properly completed and storage is often not being optimally managed.

Digitalisation and new technology will be key elements to achieve future improvements, but only if they are properly integrated together with people and processes. Operating models must support new technology in order to increase transparency and allow a greater degree of control and manageability, leading towards significant improvements in processes.