C4 Signal System up and running

Carinafour’s C4 Signal System made its world premiere in the Bahamas during Azamara Journey’s cabin modernisation project. Carinafour’s customer, I.S. Mäkinen was in charge of the cabin refurbishment project in which the C4 Signal system was utilised. The C4 Signal System is a digital tool used to improve processes in industrial settings.

– We had 42 tablet computers in use at the ship in which data was collected daily of each phase of the process. When each day came to an end, the data was sent to our office in Kaarina for analysis, explained Aleksi Heinonen, Program Manager at Carinafour.

The digitalisation service enables data from different processes to be collected in any part of the world, analysed either at the site by Carinafour’s experts or sent to Finland for a thorough analysis. Digitalisation services, such as C4 Signal System, modify existing contexts of work in industrial environments. For example, in the case of Azamara Journey’s cabin refurbishment project, raw data was sent in the evening from the Bahamas to Finland and because of the differences in the time zones, the ready-made analysis was waiting in the morning at the Bahamas, enabling fast process improvement.

I.S. Mäkinen is one of the leading companies specialising in cabin refurbishments for cruise ships and passenger ferries. I.S. Mäkinen’s cruise ship modernisation projects utilise the method of one-piece flow, ensuring risk management, quality and cost-effectiveness for their customers.