Carinafour collaborating with Turku AMK to improve work time tracking

This Autumn Carinafour collaborated with two groups of first year students from Turku University of Applied Sciences in their project management course. The goal of the collaboration was to find readily available innovative solutions to improve efficiency at construction and industry worksites and to improve the tracking of employees’ work hours.

Currently, a lot of the technology used to track work hours requires a manual action, such as logging into a work hour system through a mobile device or flashing a badge in front of a fixed monitor. Any process with human factors and manual inputting of data is subject to inconsistency and errors. For example, phones can run out of battery or the mobile data package limit is reached, or the device needed can be left at home.

The groups were given one case each; one in industry and the other in construction, for how to automatically track workers’ movements in, out and around the site. Data collection also allows effective analysis of current processes in order to find ways to minimize any wasted time and effort. For example, through movement heatmaps it can be noticed if workers consistently need to leave their work station to fetch tools that are needed. Data can then be used to make tools more readily available for the workers that need them, and to identify and eliminate any bottlenecks in current operating processes.

The two groups of students produced posters to illustrate their solutions, which are now displayed proudly at the Carinafour office! We were very impressed with how fast the students understood our target and of the solutions that the students were able to find, which we believe to be applicable to real-life worksites in the future.

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