Carinafour involved in the Radical project – future engineers are trained to match the needs of companies

Rauni Jaskari, Head of Education at Turku University of Applied Sciences and Carinafour’s Ari Viitanen

Working life is changing and therefore education must change too. The main focus of the EU-funded Radical project is to reform engineering education with the marine industry especially in mind. RADICAL project utilizes the best practices in Europe while aiming to develop engineering education model called ENGINE (ENGineering, Innopeda & Education) which takes into consideration the needs of employers, engineering students, universities and the economic region more efficiently. As a result, companies get skilled, productive and innovative engineers, whose competences meet the needs of working life. ENGINE is a new model of engineering education, which will be introduced in industrial education in autumn 2019.

The model was developed in the Radical Erasmus project, which benchmarked German and French dual-learning models, as well as the Finnish second-level apprenticeship model. In the ENGINE model, a company and a student collaborate throughout the four years of the student’s studies. The goal for the student is to work three days a week in the company and attend school for two days. For the company, the advantage of the model lies in the ease of recruiting and familiarizing seasonal workers; the student already knows the company and its employees, and therefore the job is easier to grasp. Upon graduation, the student can be a fully productive employee for the company.

Carinafour embarked on the project, seeing the opportunity to influence the content of studies in universities of applied sciences and subsequently creating new, even better future employees. In the next few years, Carinafour will need a lot of new labor force, and some of it will be graduates. Being part of the Radical project is part of Carinafour’s recruitment strategy. Strategic and systematic thinking in the training of future workforce will save business resources considerably in the future; young talent brings new perspectives and by integrating young engineers in teams with senior professional creates great dynamics resulting in improved competitiveness.

Carinafour’s Ari Viitanen was discussing the topic at InTO-morning at Forum Marinum on 29.5.2019.