Carinafour’s involvement in the iCONS project

iCONS seminarCarinafour’s Chairman of the Board Ari Viitanen spoke about enabling high productivity through an industrial logistics system at Aalto University at the iCONS seminar on 8.2.2018. Speakers from Aalto University, Fira and Movenium were also present at what was a very interesting seminar.

iCONS is a research project focused on digitalisation in the construction industry funded by Aalto University, Business Finland and the Construction Consortium (Fira, Skanska, YIT, Movenium, eRENT, Trimble, Elisa, Carinafour and Kiilto).

The seminar focused on the results of the iCONS project and how productivity and process variance in construction projects can be measured in real time. Data from worksites allows productivity development, flow efficiency and labour satisfaction of the entire building process, which is a topic Carinafour are passionate about. Last year Ari spoke about digitalisation, processes and people at Business Finland’s Effective processes and digitalisation: A great opportunity for industrial projects seminar.

Digitalisation in the construction industry is not something that can happen overnight, it requires seamless integration of new technology, new processes and new behaviour. Done properly, we strongly believe that changes are coming that will have a huge impact on the global construction industry and we are excited to be a part of it.