ECOPRODIGI seminar: Towards digital and eco-efficient shipping in the Baltic Sea region

Carinafour’s Maarit Lappalainen attended ECOPRODIGI’s “Heading towards digital and eco-efficient shipping in the Baltic sea region” seminar in Copenhagen On November 20th. Watch this video to hear the key takeaways from the excellent keynote speakers and panel discussions.

Maarit highlights the importance of integration for the future of the maritime industry, recognising that new technology and processes must be introduced systematically with proper integration with people. The potential for growth is huge if integration can be successfully managed, and with the right partners we believe this is very possible!

The seminar focused on digitalisation and eco-efficiency, bringing together researchers, industry end-users and policy-makers, who all have crucial roles in shaping the future of shipping in the Baltic Sea region.

Maarit previously attended an ECOPRODIGI workshop on the benefits of 3D scanning for the shipyard industry, and Carinafour is excited to be part of the ECOPRODIGI project, working to improve eco-efficiency through digital solutions in the Baltic Sea region.