C4 Floor Management enables efficient daily management of production processes

Carinafour’s daily management system, C4 Floor Management, has been developed to respond to the requirements of our customers in the marine industry. C4 Floor Management is a part of the C4 Production System and in line with the principles of Kaizen; it is in continuous development in our company. Carinafour’s daily management system is an integral part of production scheduling, safety planning, communication and control. C4 Floor management also enables continuous development of production and manufacturing processes while ensuring fulltime controllability of production processes.

Furthermore, C4 Floor Management enables time efficient management of production processes, releasing the site management’s time to other develop activities and people management. By using C4 Floor Management, daily management is quick and of high quality. In the daily management meetings, the upcoming activities of production are discussed with the employees central to the process, and in accordance with Kaizen, problems identified in production are dealt with and plans for necessary follow-up made. With Carinafour’s daily management system, it can be estimated how agreed methods such as Kaizen and 5S are implemented in production. By combining C4 Floor Management with our C4 Signal System, we can also follow the demand and supply balance of resources and also process variations in production. C4 Floor management and C4 Signal System together improve productivity, one-piece-flow and quality of production and manufacturing in the marine industry.

C4 Floor Management is utilised in all of Carinafour’s own production and logistics processes. Carinafour’s daily management system was also piloted during the spring in one of our customer’s, Shipbuilding Completion’s, turnkey project. The management system was tailored together with Shipbuilding Completion to fit the specifics needs and requirements of their system suppliers. As a result of the successful piloting and positive customer feedback from Meyer Turku, C4 Floor Management system was also implemented on a larger scale in Shipbuilding Completion’s delivery of projects.

Shipbuilding Completion Oy specializes in interior turnkey projects for cruise ships and passenger ferries. Shipbuilding Completion Oy is a subsidiary of Meyer Turku Oy.