Improving construction site productivity and efficiency with logistics

Carinafour logisticsThe core elements of logistics are based on having the right people, tools and materials at the right place at the right time. Once these elements are clearly identified and defined at construction sites, the real work of bringing them together to improve operational efficiency can begin.

Productive construction sites must have a good combination of all 3 key elements in order to be successful. For example, having the right people and tools in place will not result in real work being done if materials are missing, damaged or incorrectly stored.

Additionally, previous work must be properly completed in order to allow the next tasks to be started, as doors cannot be installed if the wall has not been finished! Work and storage areas should also be kept tidy, so professionals can spend their time on what they’re experts at, rather than wasting time cleaning or searching.

A Bill of Materials (BOM), an accurate schedule, building strategy, resources and supply chain management all help ensure that the core elements of logistics can function as planned. Also, good communication throughout the construction process is essential to avoid time being wasted locating materials and tools. If everything is where it should be, productivity will be significantly improved.

Project schedules should be available to everyone, ensuring that deadlines are met and delays become less likely. If workers know they’re scheduled to complete a certain task within the week but they don’t have the correct materials, they know that they have to contact the warehouse or purchasing department to meet their target.

A management system, such as Carinafour’s Assembly and Logistics Service (CALS) or Take-a-Grip (TaG) service is needed in order to make sure sufficient enablers are in place to allow the workers to complete their tasks. The whole scope of the logistics process must be considered, from design, planning, purchasing, warehouse management, tool and equipment availability, task distribution and the workers themselves.

Logistics is about enabling work to be done on time, coordinating all elements of processes. Our vast experience and expertise with logistics allow our customers to focus on their core business, safe in the knowledge that their operations are optimized and running smoothly.