Integrating technology, processes and people through digitalisation

digitalisation carinafourDigitalisation provides benefits at all stages of production processes, from simple task completion to managing entire processes. At Carinafour we recognise the importance of digitalisation for providing a platform and tools for significant, sustainable growth and improvement for our customers.

Digitalisation requires investments in technology and to get returns from these investments, it’s crucial to integrate the technology with processes (related to operating the technology and business processes) and people (being the users of technology and operating processes).

Machinery can be monitored and optimised, allowing problems to be identified or predicted before they occur. For example, temperature of certain machinery can be checked in real time, with the ability to shut it down remotely if overheating occurs before any damage or risk can happen. Workers can also access systems to ensure that everything is running as efficiently as possible, avoiding any waste while also speeding up operations. More available data allows quality standards to rise significantly through digitalisation, as timetables and processes can be managed with higher levels of precision. Carinafour understands the value of data and how to use it to seize identified opportunities.

Environmentally, digitalisation can also, for example, optimise transportation routes and lower the carbon footprint created by transporting goods. If shipments are recorded and monitored digitally, they can be managed and organised using the best available technology. Real-time information such as roadwork delays or bad weather conditions can be factored into transportation routes and shipments can be rerouted accordingly, thereby reducing delays and speeding up processes.

Utilising digital systems also reduces paper usage and waste. Documents can be stored on cloud-based systems to avoid the clutter of paper records. Digital filing systems are also much easier to navigate, reducing the time it takes to locate information. At Carinafour, we use cloud-based storage systems and we’re serious about reducing unnecessary paper waste.

For the owners of production facilities, the benefits include reduced energy consumption and costs, higher flexibility and efficiency. Management is able to utilize systems to view ongoing processes and make any necessary changes in real time. Transparency is more evident throughout processes, which in turn highlights areas that can be optimised further to increase profitability.

Digitized systems prevent excess waste through production, as the correct quantity of materials can be produced, with machinery running as efficiently as possible.

Less waste is produced from digitized production processes, as machinery and operations run more efficiently. This has a positive impact on the environment, in addition to saving our customers money on materials. Today, companies are becoming more transparent and highlighting their “green” practices and goals, which in turn allows companies to select suppliers that are more environmentally responsible. At Carinafour, we choose our partners and suppliers carefully, considering efficiency and environmentally sustainable practices.