It’s time for the construction industry to embrace data

Carinafour’s Ari Viitanen attended the iCONS seminar this month, which looked at the use of data in construction sites to facilitate productivity development, flow efficiency and labour satisfaction of the entire building process.

Data alone cannot optimize processes or drive improvements, the key is to understand what the data means and utilize this in decision making.

Within the construction industry there are many opportunities for using data and realizing immediate benefits. For example, construction equipment can efficiently be monitored using IoT solutions, integrating data to monitor the location of on-site equipment, rental equipment and workers. Having this data accessible and available in one place could minimize downtime looking for and ordering equipment, which improves efficiency and organization at work sites.

When workers check in and out of work sites, the site manager is aware of the locations of workers, so in the event of an emergency everyone can be quickly accounted for and when worksites close, it means no one will be left behind. This also allows management to allocate necessary resources to specific tasks and manage time more effectively.

Data can be used to establish performance criteria and to ensure that projects are completed on time. Collection of data can easily be compared on the following: materials ordered against materials used, hours spent on a project, existing and previous project timelines, etc. These sets of data give a clear indication of how well a project is going. The material flow and timeline can be compared to give an indication on how well the project is running on schedule, while the hours used and materials ordered can be used to check the status of the project budget.

IoT and big sets of data can effectively teach AI to establish and identify patterns, which can be used to drive continuous improvements in efficiency at work sites. Successful elements will be replicated while elements of failure will be avoided in the future, supported by real operational data. We recognize that data, analytics and standardised processes will be key factors to drive improvements in productivity and efficiency in the future across the entire construction industry.

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