Carinafour logistics

Improving construction site productivity and efficiency with logistics

The core elements of logistics are based on having the right people, tools and materials at the right place at the right time. Once these elements are clearly identified and defined at construction sites, the real work of bringing them together to improve operational efficiency can begin. Productive construction sites must have a good combination Read more about Improving construction site productivity and efficiency with logistics[…]

iCONS seminar

Carinafour’s involvement in the iCONS project

Carinafour’s Chairman of the Board Ari Viitanen spoke about enabling high productivity through an industrial logistics system at Aalto University at the iCONS seminar on 8.2.2018. Speakers from Aalto University, Fira and Movenium were also present at what was a very interesting seminar. iCONS is a research project focused on digitalisation in the construction industry Read more about Carinafour’s involvement in the iCONS project[…]

one-piece flow

Increasing operating efficiency with synchronized continuous flow

With the newly organised one-piece flow logistics, the materials are gathered to picking train wagons and the quantities of the materials have been synchronised with the set takt time of the assembly line. All of the quantities and delivery times in each wagon are known which assists the logistics employees in knowing what the assembly line employees need at different times and subsequently reduce the need to go back and forth to collect materials. Changing the logistics process has also resulted in increasing the number of the picked materials; before, the materials that were directly taken to the assembly line with a forklift truck are now also loaded to the picking train wagons with the rest of the materials, consequently reducing the forklift truck traffic inside the assembly hall.