Take a Grip of your supply chain or manufacturing processes

Take a gripCarinafour’s Take-a-Grip (TaG) service provides data and analytics of supply chain and/or manufacturing processes. TaG is implemented when a company is experiencing a lack of control or information about supply chain or manufacturing process operations. TaG is used to take control of the situation, improve the quality of the product or service and make data available to better understand and solve development issues that are identified.

Carinafour’s Take-a-Grip platform has already been in use for over a year. Several customer-specific configurations have been developed and are currently in use worldwide.

The motivation behind TaG was to create a fast and easily configurable tool which can be quickly implemented to provide immediate benefits for our customers. Benefits include increased transparency and manageability of supply chain or manufacturing processes.

TaG provides a quick and easy introduction for new partners to get a feel for digital management. In many cases TaG can be the first digital platform for our customers to show actual data from operations. TaG allows a smooth transition leading towards transformation from old methods to data/fact-based management.

We realise the importance of data at Carinafour and we believe that effective utilisation of this leads to sustainable growth and development. A better understanding of operational data improves the quality of management and decisions.

Currently TaG is used to facilitate control between customer sites, to provide a link between different processes and to support cases that have complex supply chain set ups.

The next step for our TaG service is further development to support a wider range of customer issues. We want to continue supporting our customers and improving their competitiveness.