The future is co-created with the customers

The chairman of Carinafour’s board Ari Viitanen discussed the future of the Finnish marine industry and Carinafour’s role in developing its ecosystem in TSE for the Future Forum at Turku School of Economics on the 20th of January. The core message delivered in the event was the importance of collaboration between different actors in the marine ecosystem to create value in the changing business environment where customers are no longer interested only in chasing the lowest cost but in creating value.

According to Viitanen, the Finnish marine industry could benefit from one-piece-flow processes used in other manufacturing industries in those parts of the manufacturing process in which repetition exists. Carinafour aims to develop more efficient and scalable processes together with its customers which lead to growth and increased profitability while improving flow efficiency in the customers’ sites.

─ We sit with our customers and think about their future and we are really committed to improving their productivity, Viitanen explains.

Improving productivity requires close collaboration with the customer. Improving productivity can be achieved through continuous improvement of processes and modifying of existing structures to fit the new and improved processes, all of which is done in close collaboration with the customer.